Why You Should Get Intimate With Your Wheels


WheelIt seems like the only way people can tell if a wheel is good is by how shiny it looks on the car, and while it’s always nice to have shiny things, it’s not exactly a scientific unit of measure. It’s important for drivers to know exactly what they’re sitting in when they go for a drive, since it might mean their necks when their safety is in question.

The wheels are the only things that actually make contact with the road. We’re ignoring tires for now because while we still value their importance to vehicle performance, wheels have a more significant influence on what happens to the car on the road, and by extension the driver.

It’s understandable why some people would feel a shiver of disgust at the above statement, especially if they’re fans of big rubber. But the wheels carry the load of the entire vehicle, the forward momentum from the driveshaft, as well as the frictional stress from the brakes. These considerable forces push and pull the wheel in at least three different ways.

The only way for anything to withstand the multiple pressures of driving physics is if the engineers had those specific forces in mind when they were making it. The racing wheels for sale at allstartire.com for example, undergo a much more strenuous series of tests than the ones that will eventually go to a regular sedan. This isn’t to say that people can’t use these wheels for their everyday cars; it’s just that they’re built to endure punishment more grueling than anything any city road can offer.

On the other hand, that’s a good thing as well; why should drivers settle for something built specifically for normal circumstances when something that can perform better is within reach? If it’s something that the driver can afford, then they should go as far up the shelf as they can.

It baffles the imagination why some people spend more on a custom paint job rather than a quality wheel, given the significant role they play. Smart drivers should know where to put their money to make their driving experience better, and given the choice between tires, paint, and wheels, the answer should be obvious.

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