What Can Make You Stay? The 3 Must-Have Hotel Amenities


HotelHotels are no longer just a sleeping quarter after a long day of exploring. More and more travelers today want more than just a big bed, a warm blanket, and fluffy pillows.

As you go on a vacation, your body craves for adventure and relaxation. So it’s normal that you want to make yourself at home in a hotel room. You want modern conveniences that will make your stay memorable, whether it’s a week or a month.

Here are some amenities you should look for in a hotel:

Full Breakfast

After a good night’s sleep, you want something that will jumpstart your day. But when you wake up, your body is still not ready to jump out of bed, take bath, and go outside to buy food. This is the reason you should choose a hotel that provides free breakfast. Apart from the benefit of eating comfort food while still in your pajamas, you can save some money. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count.

Fitness Room

It’s satisfying to check-in at a hotel that offers a complete fitness room, which includes a treadmill, a stair stepper, a nautilus machine, and a stationary bike. As regular physical activity is a vital component to daily life, Clarion Suites suggests choosing a hotel with premium fitness equipment. This is important if you’re conscious with your health and physique. You can stick to your fitness plan and never miss a workout.

Golf Course

Another amenity that can make your stay more comfortable and worthwhile is golf course. Choose a hotel that offers a package that includes a round of 18 holes, a cart, and your chosen course. Whether you are a first-timer or a professional golfer, this activity can rejuvenate your body and mind. Golfing is a great way to exercise your brain and strengthen your focus.

These are the hotel facilities that will surely impress you. Take time to search and be conscious with how you spend your money, so you can make your vacation unforgettable and more enjoyable.

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