Metalworking Made Easy: Tools for Production


MetalworkingMetalworking involves many processes, such as casting, drilling, and smelting. These processes yield products that you can use in building ships, bridges, and even aerospace equipment. Each metalworking process requires the right tool to ensure quality in every product.

Here is a list of items you can use for production:

Rotary Tables

These allow you to drill or cut work at exact intervals around a fixed axis. This means you can mount it flat on a surface or on its end so it rotates either vertically or horizontally. Rotary tables are perfect tools for drilling equidistant holes or creating large-diameter holes on small machines. These can also cut straight lines and create arcs in any angle, making them among the most convenient tools in metalworking.

Tool holders

When it comes to accuracy and strong tool shaft grip, tool holders can work best. These tools clamp on the friction drill and prevent it from going off center. This is why you need to get Okuma live tool holders with excellent gear stability. Some live tool holders also discharge generated friction heat to prevent warming up the spindle and bearings of the drill. Most have an outside cooling component to serve this function.

Angle heads

While multi-axis tools have replaced outdated metalworking tools, angle heads still play an important role in producing complex parts. Angle heads allow tools to reach parts that would otherwise be inaccessible, especially those with complex geometric shapes. This, in turn, helps reduce setups in the machining axis by providing more access to areas of your work piece.

Shrink Fit Machines

High speed and torque machining requires extremely powerful tool holding. Among the many tools you can use for this type of metalwork are shrink fit machines. These tools allow the metal to expand and contract to provide a better fitting. Shrink fit machines also help reduce vibration to make cutting faster and smoother. This, in turn, reduces manufacturing time without compromising product quality.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

No matter what metalworking process you’re doing, it pays to have the right tools on hand. Don’t settle for anything less when choosing brand new Okuma live tools. It is necessary to ensure the quality of your metalwork.

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