Causes of Home Wiring Problems

Home Wiring

Home WiringFinding out the cause of your house’s electrical problems is among the most arduous chores you have to do, especially if it was set up during the actual construction of your house. Repairing and replacing faulty and damaged wires can be pricey, so it is important that you know the probable causes of these wiring problems.

Pests and vermin

Preformed line products supplier noted that pests are one of the most common causes of home wiring problems, and it is surprising how big of a damage they can do. A chewed out wire is dangerous, as it can short circuit and cause a spark that eventually starts a fire.

Vermin mostly inhabit places in your house that you are less likely to go to, such as the attic, which is often where most of your home’s cabling is from. Apart from investing on rodent-proof cables and wires, you should make sure you cover up holes or enlist the aid of an exterminator.

Water leaks

When it rains, sometimes the water leaks and goes all the way to your houses wiring. If you notice your lightbulbs flickering or your appliances are not turning on properly, then water may have already seeped in and interacted with the wires.

Make sure you patch up any leaks before working on the wiring, and then replace them immediately. You should also replace the switch if the water went that far; just like chewed out wires, water leaks present a fire hazard as it can cause the wires to short circuit.

Another common wiring problem is overlamping. This happens when the wattage of the bulb you use is higher than its fixture. Not only is this another common cause of house fires, the damage it does to the sockets and wires is permanent.

These are some of the usual causes of wiring problems in your home. Always make sure you regularly check the state of your wiring and cables and replace them when necessary.

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