What Should You Expect During Private CT Scans?


A CT scan might sound fun, but it has nothing to do with your furry feline. CT stands for Computed Tomography scan. This video will explain everything you need to know about CT scans to understand what to expect during private CT scans.

Private CT scans involve laying on a plastic board and slowly rolling inside a machine surrounding you.

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Don’t worry, though. There are openings, so you’re shut into a machine. This is necessary because CT scans take multiple pictures from different angles to give doctors a complete view of your body.

CT scans can capture many things inside your body, including bones, organs, and blood vessels. Some doctors use a special dye to perform a CT scan to determine if there are any blockages. The CT scan captures the dye going through your body, which other imaging tests can’t do. This is a great way to discover kidney stones that don’t appear in X-rays!

A doctor usually orders a CT scan to determine what’s going on. You may get one as a preventative measure if you’re at the hospital because doctors want to see if anything is wrong with a particular part of your body. Check out this video for more in-depth information before your CT scan appointment.

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