US Manufacturing Pushes for Integration with Internet Tech

Manufacturing worker

The US manufacturing industry has started to harness the benefits of the internet to boost productivity while reducing costs at the same time.

It’s no secret that online technology has allowed many other industries to improve their business operations. Yet, the manufacturing sector has now become the latest market to take advantage of the internet.

Data-driven approaches to automated purchase orders, from companies such as SourceDay, serve as one of many simple yet beneficial improvements when integrating the internet to manufacturing operations. Most internet-related projects target automation as the end goal. As such, having a correct analysis of data is important.

Hence, companies have sought to develop an IoT-friendly manufacturing process that performs especially for complex situations. These usually involve maintenance. An IBM report showed that manufacturers have been keen on addressing how to avoid potential losses from a brief downtime, even if it is a necessary upgrade or repair. Tagged as an important part of the future of the US manufacturing sector, robots share the spotlight with the internet.

Robotic Technology A total of 10 manufacturing-centric states in the US Midwest and South account for the most number of industrial robots, according to a Brookings Institute study. Over half US’s industrial robots are in these states.

Michigan manufacturers used the most number of machines. Their total is 12% of the national total (28,000 robots). Ohio ranked next with a 9% share. This is equivalent to 20,400 robots. Next in line is Indiana with 19,400 machines and an estimated 8% share. The study based its findings from International Federation of Robotics data. It analyzed the robot population for every one thousand privately employed workers in metropolitan areas in 2015.

The steady pace of American manufacturing’s integration with the Internet of Things, along with robotics, is indeed propelling the industry to greater heights.

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