Factors that Matter When Choosing a Dirt Air Separator

Hydraulic pipes of an HVAC system

Dirt and air can be very dangerous things in HVAC or hydronic systems that rely on water. For industrial grade HVAC systems, dirt and air can congeal and block lines that could cause inconvenience and even disaster. That’s why it’s important to install an effective dirt air separator. Here is a guide for the things that you need to look for to ensure you get the very best one for your system.


Most people don’t check this factor. There are many hydronic systems out there, and each one has a dirt air separator that will only fit that particular system. A simple research on which separator will fit your system will do the trick. Most professional companies will provide you with all the information that you need to get the right one.


Once you’ve found the dirt air separator that fits perfectly, the next important consideration is durability. These separators are constantly under stress and pressure every day. You certainly don’t want one that will break. If you get one that is highly durable, then you have less to worry about in the long run.


Finally, a key consideration that you shouldn’t ignore is the warranty package that comes with the separator. The best manufacturers include a warranty on both the actual separator itself as well as the installation of the product. Additionally, a service provider will not only promise a lifetime warranty but also will ensure they will give you the quality service you need.

The next time your HVAC system needs a dirt separator, consider these three factors before purchasing one. Contact your HVAC and plumbing provider to get the best advice and service when it comes to your systems. All three of these taken together will ensure that you have the best separator.

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