Body Oils: The Secret to Better, More Fragrant Skin

a woman runs a feather over her healthy smooth skin

Essential body oils are making a huge comeback in the beauty industry. As organic products slowly dominate the market, more people use body oils to treat and moisturize their skin. If you aren’t convinced of oils as a beauty product, here are five ways it can help you look and feel better.

Acts as Sunscreen

Body oils are great as sunscreen too. “Light and smooth to the skin,” shares an industry expert from Bali Body, “body oils with SPF allow you to expose your skin to the sun without that heavy, sticky feeling.” For a more sun-kissed look, opt for watermelon or avocado oils as these can help you achieve a balanced tan.

Extremely Moisturizing

Compared with lotions and creams, body oils are more capable of locking moisture into the skin, making it softer and smoother than usual. Want the best results? Apply body oil after taking a bath or shower. Remember to massage it thoroughly so you won’t feel greasy.

Repairs the Skin

Certain kinds of body oils can do more than moisturize the skin. Rose hip oil, for example, can repair and heal scars, while sunflower oil can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Geranium oil, on the other hand, can reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Reduces Stress

Long week at work? Reduce body aches and decrease levels of stress by opting for essential body oils when getting a massage. Aromatic body oils can calm the nerves and relieve tight muscles, while oils that contain pepper and ginger can alleviate upset stomachs and improve flexibility.

Doubles as a perfume

Body oils give off a unique fragrance compared with commercially-manufactured perfumes. Add a layer to your scent by applying aromatic oil in your inner wrists or behind the earlobes. Other than hydrating your skin, the fragrance of body oils lasts longer as well.

Body oils have different purposes. Before purchasing one, identify your needs first to know what type you specifically need to look for.

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