Smiling During an Interview: Have You Perfected the Art?

Smiling During an Interview in UK

Smiling During an Interview in UKThe success of job hunts and interviews rely on one thing – a positive first impression.

Your hair, your clothes and even your CV play a big part in your chances. Positive appearances play vital roles among qualified applicants. But how you look goes beyond the last-minute preps and grooming.

A smile can be one of your biggest assets. It influences how potential employers will receive and remember you.

According to MiSmile, a practice in the UK, employers are keen to candidates with healthy and beautiful smiles. Applicants with crooked or dull smiles, on the other hand, may easily turn off their potential employers.

Misaligned Teeth Cost Jobs?

Numerous studies confirm that uneven, misaligned and discoloured teeth negatively affect your chances of striking a positive impression. In 2012, Invisalign partnered with Kelton, a research company, to conduct a study focused on the value of smiles during interviews. The study reports that 45% of applicants with straighter teeth are most likely to be hired.

Since first impressions matter, it will surely affect your career advances. This unpleasant truth rings louder for individuals seeking highly visible or higher-paying positions.

Out of respect, HR managers and recruiters will not mention anything, but it is important to remain mindful of your appearance, particularly your smile.

Pay Attention to Smiles

If you wish to leave a job interview with a smile on your face, transform yours into a healthy one. Improve your chances of landing the perfect job by looking in the mirror first and assessing your oral condition.

Apart from the basic dental care routine, consider expert help. If your smile needs more work, do not hesitate to call the nearest practice. Dentists provide a range of services, such as teeth whitening, alignment, Invisalign and the like.

Shine up your career chances by paying attention to your teeth. Apart from keeping your teeth in good condition, you’ll leave interviews with a brighter smile.


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