Digital Nomads and Big Data: Tourism Developments to Take Note of


Resort Brokers Australia The strength of tourism around the world has made many leaders of the industry realise that there are some serious gains to be had by joining businesses that cater to local and international tourists. Every business — from food to retail — would do well to adapt to the changing landscape brought on by the influx of new clientele from different regions.

The Rise of the Digital Nomad

The world is more connected now than it’s ever been, thanks to technologies that enable communication by various means. Wherever the internet can be accessed via Wi-Fi or cellular coverage, people can communicate with the rest of the world. This is the rock on which the life of the digital nomad stands. Digital nomads are people who use technology to do their jobs, making them location independent. As long as they have their devices with them — laptops, tablets or smartphones — they are ‘in their office’.

They are also known as telecommuters; writers, digital artists, editors, filmmakers, video editors and the like make up the bulk of the workforce. Their strong presence has helped tourism in different parts of the world.

The Growing Realisation of the Value of Big Data

Due to technology, people’s capability to collect data has grown exponentially. One of the challenges is the growing amount of data; there’s more data available than businesses know what to do with. But tech experts and thinkers have realised there is more to data than just the need for more servers to contain it.

Now the number of businesses relying on data to plan their next move to grow and reach more customers is growing. Where there used to be only leaders’ opinions and insights to base decisions on, now there is data. Decisions based on data rather than opinion or insight are more reliable and highly implementable, resulting in more benefits.

Joining the Rest of the World

These developments are making entrepreneurs around the world understand how to get the most gains out of their businesses — if they can take advantage of big data and the dependence of tourists on technologies that enable them to work or communicate wherever they are. Restaurant owners and motel brokers in Queensland such as Resort Brokers Australia know the best businesses are those whose owners understand how to adjust to the changing business landscape.

The world is indeed getting smaller. People are travelling and trying to see more of it, whether for pleasure, for work or somewhere in between. Businesses are adapting; those that don’t are likely to fall behind and go under. Which would you rather choose? The answer is a no-brainer.

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