Women are More Prone to Suffer from These Conditions


Ultrasound in Chicago There are certain diseases that only affect women. These diseases, if detected and treated early, could lead to a higher survival rate. If you know anybody suffering from these diseases, give them love and compassion.

There are diseases that are considered as gender specific and could only be suffered from by either of the sexes. As you age, you become more prone to suffer from them. Women have so many things that they undergo that men may not even bother themselves about unless it is their wife, mom or daughter concerned. Here are some conditions that women are wary about.

Ovarian Cancer

The reason why men don’t worry about this is quite obvious. Only women have ovaries, so they’re the only ones who have the possibility of suffering from this disease. According to Medicine Net, this type of cancer can be very difficult to detect when it is still in the early stages. The risk is higher if there is a family history of ovarian cancer. Some patients, upon reaching the age of 30 would voluntarily undergo an ultrasound in Chicago to check the ovaries.

Cervical Cancer

This cancer occurs when there is an abnormal cell growth in the lower area of the uterus.According to WebMD, this type of cancer can be treated if it is discovered at the early stages. It is often advised by obstetricians and gynecologists that women undergo a Pap test every year so that this kind of cancer is monitored.

Breast Cancer

Among the various types of cancer, this disease is regarded as the second leading cause of death in women. During one’s lifetime, women have a high chance of developing this type of cancer. Like cervical cancer, early detection of this type of cancer can lead to treatment and a higher chance of survival. If a family member has a history of breast cancer then all the more that a woman should be careful.

These are three diseases that affect women. These diseases kill and it is not easy to suffer from them. If you have a family member suffering from these diseases, better give them all the love and support you can give.




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