Proposing in Restaurant: Here’s How to Do It


restaurant dinner proposal
A restaurant is a popular place where many men want to pop the big question. Having a dinner at a place where two people had their first date or first said “I love you” seem special and romantic. If you’re one of those thinking about proposing over a dinner, be sure to do it right. Many guys sometimes underestimate a restaurant proposal, which then ruins what could have been a romantic moment.

Choose a Special Place

You don’t need to book a dinner at a five-star restaurant just to be engaged. Any restaurant that holds a place in your or your partner’s heart could be the place. A simple dining area could be the one if you had a special moment or a memorable date at that place. Just be sure to inform the restaurant and notify them that you’re considering of proposing at the venue.

Don’t Put the Ring in the Food

The engagement ring is one of the most important highlights in a proposal. Moissanite jewelry stores such as and proposal experts suggest not to hide or put it in the food. You may run the risk of your girl swallowing the ring or chipping her tooth. Dropping the ring in the champagne is also not a good idea, as it is a choking hazard. Note that you don’t always have to hide the ring when proposing.

Decide When to Ask Her

Many of those who have proposed in a restaurant do it after the meal. While this is classic move, you are sure to think or sweat about it throughout dinner. This is why it may be a good idea to ask her at the start of the dinner, so both of you can enjoy the meal better. You can, however, still ask her after dessert or when the dinner is over. Choose a time that feels comfortable for you.

Bring in the Cheesiness

Proposals are naturally romantic, but popping the question as it is and doing nothing is not. Make yours memorable and romantic by planning carefully and asking the restaurant to help you out. Rehearse your speech, get down on one knee, and ask her. Don’t command her and say, “Marry me” or “Put this on”. Pour out your heart and ask her properly to be your wife.

Propose the right way by choosing a special restaurant and planning carefully. Be sure not to panic throughout the meal and pop the big question when the time feels right.

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