3 Awesome Tricks to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Office Space


Office SpaceOffice spaces must also be kept attractive and be inviting, even if only for the benefit of guests and clients. There is also the matter of making it look better from the outside in order to keep up with how the rest of the block looks. When it comes to increasing kerb appeal, you can do small things that create maximum impact.

1. Replace Your Outdoor Lighting

If your old lamp post and signage are already looking outdated, you can use LED lights to make your business brand more prominent. An office can also have more lights so people will know that there is a real estate business, for example, in the said block. You can have new signs made inexpensively while adding more lights within the perimeter of your office space.

2. Pave the Driveway

One way to impress clients is to pave the driveway leading up to your office. This will give the impression that you pay attention to even the smallest details. There are quite a few kinds of pavers which can be used on driveways. It is also up to you if you want to add more accessories such as a water feature at the end of the driveway.

3. Install New Glass Doors

Glass doors with your company name, brand, or logo may sound traditional but it never goes out of style. Glass doors are elegant and offer a sneak peek into your space from the outside. You can think of a good design or come up with a modern take on it.

These are only a few tips you may consider using to jazz up your office space. It is prudent if you can hire a company like Formline Group that offers fit out services in Australia to turn your office spaces from drab to fab in a short period of time. The company will surely help you make your space look brighter, warmer, and more conducive to work and business.

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