Living Room Essentials: Getting the Right Fabric Sofa For Your Home


Colour is among the things homeowners consider when it comes to choosing what fabric sofa to buy and use. Not only does it add to the appeal of the sofa, but also reflects the owner’s your personality.

sofaStyle and Size

Pay attention to the pattern scale of the fabric sofas. It should go in harmony with the size of the other furniture pieces as well as the colour of the room where the sofa would be placed. Muted and smaller fabric patterns are likely to suit smaller furniture and room spaces, while those with larger and bolder patterns are more suited for larger rooms.

While you are at it, you should also check whether the area where you would be putting the sofa gets a lot of sunshine. If that is the case, consider getting a fabric sofa that has high-fade resistance.

The size of the sofa would also depend on how big, or small, your room is. If you have a small room, you would most likely be able to fit only one sofa. Make sure it is made of vibrant colour to quickly catch your guest’s attention.


More durable fabric sofas have leather. This makes for easier cleaning and is quite suited for those who have dogs. Cotton and linen materials are not recommended if you have children at home, as some of the weave could get snagged. They are also not as durable as leather. Furniture company Simply Stylish Sofas recommends getting a fabric sofa made with synthetic microfibre, as these are stain-resistant. Make sure to check the springs and joinery of your sofa. Springs should not stick out and wood should be connected to each other dowel or screws. Keep away from those that have glue and nails.

Allergy and Mildew Resistance

Finally, if your home or office is located in an area where the climate is consistently humid, it would be best to choose specialised fabric sofas that feature microfibre. This is to keep mould and mildew from forming.

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