Smart Locks: The Future of Home Security


Lock in ChicagoWith technology taking over the security industry, home automation is becoming a norm and affordable to any average home user. Is it for the overall good? Well, a coin has two sides and you cannot neglect the duality that comes with whatever comes your away.

Smart Locks

A smart lock is an automated version of the thumb turn to your lock cylinder. A smart lock can lock or unlock your door through any device with Bluetooth 4.0 or any Android 4.4 type of OS such as a tablet, smartphone, or iPod Touch.

Smart locks are a solution to keeping lock bumping crimes at bay and the convenience that comes with a smart lock is enough reason to embrace the change in home security.

Don’t Throw Away the Old

Security experts and commercial locksmiths at Goldy Locks, Inc. advise that you integrate a combination of both new and old locking security systems to avoid potential lock issues.

The Flip Side

Smartphones hardly keep the battery charge for long. So, what happens when your phone runs out of charge or have a poor WI-FI connection? Whichever the case, you risk being locked out and you should have a set of keys just in case.

An average smart lock costs about $200, while a traditional key and lock cost much less than that. If you feel that the cost is way above your budget, there’s no need of getting a gadget to only show off to friends. In some cases, smart locks rely on geo-fencing systems to either lock or unlock. This means you could be on your property but in the geo-fencing area and still get locked out.

Commercial locksmiths in Chicago appreciate the trend of smart locks and cannot deny that more lock products will keep flooding the market. If you need help with a smart lock or basic smart lock installation, call in a locksmith with smartphone applications and who is equipped with the knowledge of technological advancements.

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