One More Floor: Is a Mezzanine a Good Solution for Your Warehouse?


Warehouse Expansion When you are thinking of expanding your warehouse space, one of your options is to install mezzanine flooring. It offers a practical, affordable way to resolve spatial limitations in your warehouse. You should consider these criteria to help you decide if a mezzanine floor is ideal for your business.

Vertical Space

Space will always be an issue when thinking about any form of expansion. When deciding on the best way to create your new space, it is vital to understand the strengths and limitations of your building, as well as your storage needs. While a mezzanine is a good way to enlarge your useable floor space without the need for a full-on construction project, it is only feasible when your facility has the height to accommodate the structure. If your facility lacks vertical space, consider other options such as modifying your existing shelving system (changing to bucket shelves, for instance), constructing a full warehouse extension or relocating to a bigger warehouse.


If you do not have a large budget, then a mezzanine might be a good option. It offers a remarkable return on investment thanks to low labour costs, quick assembly and the comparatively inexpensivematerials used during installation. Furthermore, a mezzanine can be designed and assembled in such a way that it will not compromise the other functional areas of your facility.


If your warehouse receives frequent visitors, having a clean and modern-looking facility will help enhance your brand image — and a mezzanine can help you achieve this goal. Mezzanines offer a visual appeal and professionalism that people like. In fact, many warehouse owners favour this solution over others as it conveys the idea that their business is a modern, ever-growing enterprise.

Consider these factors before you install a mezzanine floor. If you have the required vertical space in your warehouse, you should be able to benefit from the many advantages it can bring.

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