The Unexpected Triggers of Migraine Headaches


Triggers of migraine in AustraliaMigraine delivers the kind of agony that hinders you from continuing your daily routine. The moment you feel that throbbing pain pressing above your left eye, you stop whatever you are doing and there are days when you cannot even get out of bed. If you suffer from migraine, first aid training actually helps you become aware of the triggers and treatments, notes an expert from

The Strong Scents and Hair Accessories

You probably did not know this before, but a part of your daily routine is actually activating your headaches. Experts still do not know why strong and nice smells ranging from perfume, flowers and paint can cause migraines. Moreover, the way you choose to wear your hair can also trigger it. Such hairstyles include too-tight ponytail, braids, tight-fitting hats and headbands. You can easily avoid the triggers by not wearing perfume and letting your hair down.

Your Job and the Weather

Anything or anyone can increase your stress level that can cause migraines. Medical professionals still do not know what is behind this. They have theorised that any changes in the brain, such as the extra sensitive nerves that transmit pain messages can generate it.

Changes in temperature can be a trigger as well. Whether it is a cold snap, heat wave, sunny days, rain or alterations in barometric pressure, those headaches will follow. Even though you cannot really prevent the weather from changing, you can stay hydrated, keep away from the midday sun and wear sunglasses on a bright day.

Once you identify all of the triggers for your migraine, stop it before it even starts. The best tactic is to have a headache diary indicating your hairstyle, the strong smell, stressful events and weather changes. It will help you identify patterns to avoid it more effectively and take back control of your life.


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