First on the Scene: Your Helping Hand for On-the-Road Mishaps


Car AccidentSafety is always a top priority on the road. The quest for safer transport results in countless road signs, vehicle safety equipment and regular reminders from authorities.

Still, accidents happen. While some mishaps require professional help, others benefit greatly from people first on the scene. In some cases, you could be that person., a local training organisation, believes that knowledge of simple first aid saves countless lives. If you happen to possess such knowledge and have encountered an accident on the road, here is what you can do:

Approaching the Scene

Before you approach the scene, assess your personal safety. Ensure that all traffic stops and people surrounding the area are aware of the accident; otherwise, additional casualties may occur. Keep oncoming traffic in mind to prevent additional danger.

Once you approach the car, check if there are any potential fire risks or fuel spillage; in case of any, turn off all the car ignitions and put on hazard lights to warn others.

As for the bystanders, get them to phone emergency services as soon as possible. If you are alone, however, analyse the situation first for life-threatening conditions.

Checking the People Involved

When checking the injured, quickly analyse the responsiveness of quiet casualties. If there is no response, look for signs of breathing. For unresponsive yet breathing injured individuals, keep them leaning forward to a one-sided position, keeping the airways open. All movements must be kept to a minimum and refrain from twisting them.

It’s difficult to remove unconscious people from cars; there is a potential risk if you move them. Only remove the injured from the vehicle if their life is in immediate danger (e.g., flood, fire or explosion). If you have your phone with you, ask the emergency services for advice.

Knowledge of personal first aid is a lifesaver for people injured on the road. Still, never forget to seek professional help as soon as possible for the sake of the people inside the car.

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