Making Happy Hour the Happiest: A Guide for Fun Seekers

party night bar

party night barPicture this: you’re surrounded by great friends and lots of laughter. The music is blaring and the drinks are flowing—what’s there not to love about Happy Hour?

Attending happy hour at your local watering hole gives you the chance to chill out and unwind after a long day at work. It lets you shake off the stress—indulging in finger foods, chips and cheap drinks from the bar.

Before heading out to the pub and spending the evening drinking with co-workers, be reminded that different bars often have different ways of celebrating happy hour. You have to make sure you are getting a really good deal to make sure that everyone will thoroughly enjoy the after-work party; otherwise, you are only likely to end up in a pub that says they offer the best deal, but in the end, you realise you went overboard and shed more money than you should have.

To make happy hour the happiest, The Fiddler suggests keeping the following things in mind as you scout for the best pubs in town:

1. Great eats without the heavy price tag. Check out the pub’s menu and estimate the average cost you will pay. Some establishments have deals that feature free appetizers or snacks. These are the pubs you want to go to. Plan your meal as well; take into consideration the cheap food and drinks you will find on the menu.

2. 2-for-1 drink promos. More drinks at your party would mean more money to spend. If you do want more drinks, look for a place that offers discounted or free food. Consider large appetizers, too. You could save more with this, without running short on food.

3. Live entertainment. The happy hour is not just about booze and food. You can enjoy live entertainment, too. Look for places that offer live music, quiz contests or stand-up comedy performances. With bars featuring such acts, you not just enjoy the food and drinks, but also have fun watching bands or comedians.

Make the happy hour the happiest with these things in mind. Find the perfect spot to spend the night away, get crazy, but not that crazy (you do not want to be in everyone’s Facebook timeline the next morning just because you sang off key at the top of your lungs while standing a top the bar counter.) Okay? Okay!

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