3 Small Things Not to Forget for Your Small Business Launch Party

Small Business Launch Party

Small Business Launch PartyA small business’s launch party is one of the biggest opportunities to let everyone know you’re out there, ready to serve, it’s not only a key feature in your start-up’s promotional plan, it’s also a way to celebrate your team’s hard work and courage.

A lot of these start-up launch parties, however, don’t do the celebrations right. They often end up wasting everyone’s effort and anticipation on events that fall flat of expectations.

To avoid ruining your launch party, here are a few small things you should never forget in planning the event:

1. The Coverage

Small business owners often invite key people, prospective customers, and friends to their launch, but don’t forget you also need wider coverage.

Invite the local press, including local bloggers to come to your event. Throw in a +1 to give them a better incentive to attend. Even a small space on the local newspaper or a 200-word write-up on a blog can do wonders for publicity. These things may seem small, but they will help get your name and business out there.

2. The Activities

Don’t just have a great theme, tie related activities into it. It can be anything from a quick talk about the future of your industry, tarot card reading, free massages, to games and all-out dancing. Remember also to create a Twitter hashtag for your event for better promotion online.

Most corporate function venues can help with the whole event planning, from the logistics and equipment to possible activities. You will only need to coordinate with them and share your expectations and plans about the event.

3. The Ending

Even if you throw a great party, research suggests that most people remember events for how they end, so make sure they leave happy by ending things while they’re still having a good time.

When the main programme is over, find a way to cut things off while everyone is still having fun. Keep the networking and mingling alive by suggesting a nearby after-party location, or ask them to go to your new office sometime soon to discuss possible business opportunities.

Guests should be able to socialise, and you should be able to get in touch with them even after the party. Following up on these prospective clients is a great way to start your business on the right foot.

Throwing a great launch party is not only for promoting your new business, it also gives prospective clients a glimpse of what they can expect from you. Make sure to throw a great one and have everybody talking about you.

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