Why Vertical Blinds are a Good Choice

vertical blinds

vertical blindsOf late, blinds have moved from offices to homes to lend an air of minimalism and modernity in every household. The good news is that homeowners have ample choice with respect to blind types, materials, colours and patterns to pick from.

Among the different types available, horizontal slat blinds seem to be the most popular. However, you should not overlook the vertical blinds for your home, because these come with certain advantages that perhaps you may not have with the horizontal ones.

Great Choice for Patio Doors and Large Windows

For starters, unlike the horizontal ones, vertical blinds best suit Perth’s large windows and patio doors. Instead of bothering with heavy curtains on such areas, it is best to get minimalistic vertical blinds that can give you unparalleled light control and better regulate privacy.

What’s more, vertical blinds for such areas are available in faux wood material to give the room a natural vibe, or in PVC that is more subtle.

Low on Maintenance

Vertical slats, as opposed to horizontal ones, do not accumulate as much dust due to the nature of gravity. This makes maintaining vertical blinds an easier task. This also means that you can choose vertical blinds in lighter shades and yet keep the cleaning work to a minimum.

Very Affordable

Moreover, the vertical blinds are affordable with their costs ranging from 60 cents to $1.20 per square inch. Additionally, the vertical blinds have other qualities, like:

• Easy to operate.
• Allow for excellent light and privacy control as they you can completely push them to a side or adjust the louvers for the right angle.
• Simple and sleek and yet elegant looking.
• Come in a variety of materials such as wood, fabric, PVC and metal.

When you redo the window treatments in your home, this time choose the vertical blinds for the ceiling-to-floor windows and sliding doors and just see how they transform the aesthetics of the area.

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