Fact or Fiction: Debunking Top 3 Adrenal Fatigue Myths

tired jogging

tired jogging

There is tons of information out there about adrenal fatigue, but most of it actually is just myths. With so many people talking so freely about the condition, it’s so difficult to sort out accurate facts from those just made up. If you want to relieve the stress of adrenal fatigue effectively, it’s important to get your facts straight.

Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy debunks some adrenal fatigue myths and exposes the truth once and for all:

Drinking Coffee Eases Fatigue

For most people, a quick caffeine boost provides the kick needed to get the morning started and keeps energy levels up through a long afternoon at work. For those who suffer from adrenal fatigue, caffeine may not be the most effective solution.

Yes, you will have that caffeine boost you need to jump start the morning, but then you’ll experience the crash as you go through the day. Once the caffeine wears off, you will feel more tired than you were before.

Vigorous Exercise Boosts Energy

Exercise is important to stay healthy and helps ease fatigue. Excessive exercise, however, can cause adrenal crashes. Intense fitness routines will just drain the body of energy reserves and may worsen the condition, if done without guidance from fitness experts.

If you want to engage in fitness activities, minimize the intensity of exercises. Better yet, talk to a fitness instructor about developing an exercise program that suits your health needs.

Fasting and Detoxification Helps Ease Symptoms

The build-up of toxins in the body may cause and worsen adrenal fatigue. This is perhaps why many resort to fasting and detoxification. Take note that these two activities, if overdone, could be a recovery mishap.

Improper detoxification and fasting will not just sap energy, but can also trigger the production of more toxins. Some adrenal fatigue sufferers cannot eliminate waste and clear toxins from the body on a consistent basis. This leads to more toxins in the body, thus worsening adrenal fatigue.

Don’t be fooled by these myths. Be smart about addressing your health problems. The best thing you can do is to consult your physician.

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