Getting Married in Colorado: How A Denver Family Lawyer Can Help


MarriageGetting married, no matter how many times, can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. “I Do” might seem like two simple words, but its impact can be a lifetime.

That said, educating yourself in the details of your state’s family law as well as involving a family lawyer in Denver might just keep you from falling into the trap.

Getting Married in Colorado

As previously mentioned, each state has its own law regarding marriages. In Colorado, the minimum age for both parties to be able to get married is at 16 years; however, both sides would need to present parental consent.

It is only those who are 18 years or older who can get married without a need for parental consent. For those under the age of 16 but would like to get married, a family lawyer can help secure a judicial approval from both parents for marriage to take place.

Legal Requirements

One of the things that set Colorado apart from the other states is the fact that it allows same-sex marriage. Before you can get married, there are some documents you need to have on hand. This will include proof of identity and proof of marital status.

A family lawyer can help you secure the latter while the former is something that you should have a record of. Keep in mind that the former includes your Social Security number as well as the date and place of you and your partner’s birth.

Once you have all the needed information, you should apply for a marriage license. Regular fee is at $30.00, and the license is valid for 35 days. This means that, in order for your marriage to be binding, the ceremony should take place within the next 35 days; otherwise, you have to apply for another license.

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