Keep Your Energy Bill Low in Extreme Temperatures

Woman with Utility Bills

Woman with Utility BillsThere is a climatic change happening all over the globe, whether anyone likes it or not. There are extreme temperature variations in some particular places on the earth. Whenever the temperature plummets to the low 20’s or heads to high 90’s, there is a massive burden on your HVAC system. This will also dramatically increase your energy bills. While it is necessary to keep your home comfortable, it is also necessary to keep your bills in check. Let us see what you can do about it.

Upgrade Your System

If your system is old, you can opt for a regular furnace tune up or replace it with an upgraded HVAC system. There have been some significant advances in HVAC technology today that have helped make the systems very energy efficient. Pick an efficient system with a high rating between 14 and 18, with energy star label. The energy star devices must meet very stringent guidelines, so you can be sure that they are energy efficient and can consequently help you save on your energy bills.

Keep the Interiors Cool

You know your home the best, so understand where you require warmth or cooling at a given time in the day or night. You can install a programmable thermostat to make sure you decrease the usage of the system when not required. The system can also be switched off when you are out at work or on vacation. Make sure that you close the curtains and blinds in summer to keep the sun and heat out. This way your HVAC system need not work overtime to keep the interiors comfortably cool.

The other ways to decrease your energy bills is to clean up the debris around your AC units so that the airflow paths are clear. If you let the system get clogged up, then its efficiency will decrease over time. Attending to regular repairs and maintenance of your HVAC system will keep it functioning efficiently and optimally, thus saving on your energy bill.

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