The Air Inside Your Home Can Actually Be Worse than Outside


Airconditioner on a wallMany Salt Lake City residents believe that the staying indoors, specifically inside their home, protects them from the health hazards that polluted outdoor air can bring. This isn’t necessarily true for all houses in the city.

In many cases, a home’s indoor air quality can have more pollutants and other dangerous substances and chemicals in it than the air outside. Many factors contribute to this, including the following:

Improper use and neglect of HVAC systems

The United States Department of Energy recommends homeowners to perform regular maintenance on their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. One reason is to ensure effective and efficient functioning. The other is simply because, over time, it accumulates dirt and debris, which it can keep circulating throughout the air inside your home, putting everyone in your household at risk.

You should also consider working with a licensed Salt Lake City HVAC contractor when replacing your old and malfunctioning system. This way, you can have them install a more energy-efficient unit, which doesn’t just perform better, but also consumes far less energy. As a result, you can enjoy lower utility bills.

Use of household chemicals

From cleaning solutions to insecticides, fresheners to pesticides, there are plenty of household chemicals that contain air-contaminating elements. These substances release minuscule particles into the air inside your home, severely affecting its quality.

Make better, greener choices when it comes to purchasing such household products. Opt for the organic ones or those that don’t harm the environment.

Incorrect ventilation or allowing blockages of air circulation

You need to make sure indoor air circulates freely to and fro your home. Otherwise, this will result in too much moisture, which will just make everyone in the household feel uncomfortable. Also, the dampness will encourage the growth of molds and mildew, which can cause health problems, particularly in people who already have compromised respiratory health.

Don’t suffer from the serious consequences of poor indoor air quality. Stop committing these very common mistakes.

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