Choosing a Rug for Your Little One’s Nursery


rugWhen shopping for a rug to place in your little one’s nursery, you can’t just go ahead and pick the cute pink plush rug just because it looks like cotton candy. There is more to design when choosing what goes into your baby’s room.

Buying a child friendly rug is important because it can cause or prevent allergies and affect other aspects of the nursery. Here is a quick guide on what you should be looking for:


Wool rugs and natural fibers are perhaps the safest choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. Wool-sisal rugs are a great option since the wool will have the softness that balances out the roughness of the sisal. Wool-sisal rugs are intrinsically antibacterial, flame-resistant, nontoxic and hypoallergenic.

Stain Protection

Cleaning soiled rugs can be a headache, so it is better to choose one with nano-protector fibers. Nanoloc™ rugs are resistant to spills and soil. These are easy to clean and tend to last longer than most rugs. It is also very luxurious and does not cause skin abrasion.

Humidity Stability recommends rugs that offer insulation and humidity stabilization. A good rug should also be hypoallergenic despite the high thread count.

Higher Density

The higher the density of the rug, the tighter its weave. Higher density rugs wear slower and last longer. You can test this by trying to wiggle your fingers to the bottom of the rug. The more difficult it is, the denser it is. You can also check out the yarn spirals. The more spirals it has, the more durable it is.


Breathable carpets are cooler to the touch. This is especially necessary as a young child’s skin tends to heat up faster. Look for material that offers plenty of cushion, and is bacteria and allergen-repellent as well.

Choosing the best rug for your nursery requires thorough planning. Remember these and surely, your children will enjoy playtime on the floor each time.

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