Yes, You Can Clean Your Teeth without a Toothbrush


SmileSometimes, you just can’t bring everything with you. When on the road for long periods of time, you can sometimes forget small things like a toothbrush and toothpaste. So what exactly can you do if you need to keep your teeth healthy and clean before you can get back to civilization and buy yourself a toothbrush or toothpaste?

St George, Utah dentists lists some unique ways of doing it.

If You Have No Toothbrush

You can alternatively use common household items like water, salt, and even paper towels. The simplest way is to gargle with a cup of water and spit it out into a sink. This washes out a lot of the plaque and can even dislodge some of the bits of food left in the gaps between the teeth.

Mixing in salt into the water without diluting it also helps in cleaning out the teeth more efficiently and also disinfects the mouth and throat; don’t swallow it, though. A paper towel can also be used to scrub the teeth from hard to remove stains left by certain food, tiding you over until you get a toothbrush.

If You Have No Toothpaste

Sometimes, you may find yourself with a toothbrush but without toothpaste, so a substitute may sometimes be necessary. One of the most important alternative ingredients is the use of oil, such as coconut, sesame, and vegetable oil. Mix it around in your mouth for about a minute and spit it out into the sink.

You can also drop a bit of good quality essential oil into the mix (popular choices are peppermint and lemon) for fresher breath. When done, gargle with room temperature water and salt as above.

Other Ways to Get Healthy Teeth

Your diet obviously has a very big impact on the health and longevity of your teeth. Simply stopping or minimizing your intake of sugar, hard candies, or other sweet desserts can help, but you can munch other things to help make your teeth healthier. Eating pears, apples, strawberries, and oranges not only provide the teeth with vitamins, but their flesh and fibers can “scrub” the teeth and clean up some of the plaque and food residue. Just be sure to brush your teeth after every meal.

Alternative means of cleaning your teeth and mouth are all well and good. However, it’s not a reason to be neglectful of the more modern means of keeping healthy. Keep your teeth healthy and safe by consulting a dentist in St. George, Utah, at least once a year. Remember, your teeth are the first thing people see when you smile.

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