Celebrity Living: When Motels Turn into Homes

Celebrity Living

Celebrity LivingBuying a motel for sale is a strategic business move. As a more affordable accommodation choice, motels are popular among backpackers and those wishing to save money on their holidays, especially for overnight trips. Even celebrities decided to stay in these types of accommodation!

Operating with motels for sale in Melbourne, ResortBrokers.com.au shares stories of famous personalities who have stayed in motels:

Natina Reed

RnB artist Natina Reed allegedly had an extended-stay in a motel. There is no report indicating the reason the Bring It On star was staying in the motel.

Granville Hatcher

Granville Hatcher is one of the artists who pushed his dreams of becoming an actor. From Boston, he moved to New York to complete his acting program. He went back to California after landing a role in a film starring Kurt Russell. While he was earning $2,000 weekly for his role in this film, he maintained a simple lifestyle by staying in a cheap motel during the filming season. From the motel, he travelled to the studio gate in his 1986 Buick car. A limousine picked him up and brought him back to his private quarters. This was his daily activity, which is far from the Hollywood lifestyle that other people thought.

Chord Overstreet

Whilst Chord Overstreet did not live in a motel, his Glee character Sam Evans did. According to the storyline, Sam’s family house foreclosed after his father lost his job. Now homeless, Sam and his two younger siblings have to stay in a motel after selling some of their stuff. It may only be onscreen, but Chord may have felt grateful when living in a motel.

Motels are not just for the travellers who have a limited budget. This just shows the motel market is changing with the needs of today’s consumers.

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