Safety in Swimming Pools in Perth — It’s a Must


Swimming Pools in PerthYou can’t put a price on human lives. That’s why making your backyard pool as safe as possible for everyone matters. This should hold true, especially in the swimming pool capital of Australia — Perth.

Swimming Pool Nation

There may never be a city that can stand up to Sydney when you talk about the hustle and bustle. Though all the energy of that metropolis comes with a slew of seemingly never-ending traffic, there’s simply no stopping Sydney when you talk about business.

But when you set your eyes on getting a dip, one city outshines Australia’s busiest. For 12% of the nation’s population wanting to get out of the sweltering summer heat, swimming pool is the best relief, a Roy Morgan recent survey details.

The same survey names Perth as the city to beat when it comes to household pools. Almost 18% of residents in the capital city of Western Australia goes home to a household with a swimming pool, edging past any other city in the Land Down Under.

While that outlook seems all positive, the rise in the number of backyard pools should come with a warning.

Safety First

A recent Royal Life Saving Society report shows an alarming increase in swimming pool accidents involving children under five. This is where perimeter defence in the form of a glass fence is most useful.

What’s disappointing in the report is that most of these incidents happen in and around the home. A glass fence not only restricts children’s access to the pool, it also allows parents to monitor the activities of people even from the outside. Particularly, glass fencing experts from Clear-Az-GlassFencing recommend frameless fencing for an unobstructed view.

As the Royal Society’s national manager of research and policy, Amy Peden, pointed out, nothing beats ‘active adult supervision, watching children whenever you’re in or around the water, restricting their access to water and — this is most pertinent with the home swimming pool — and making sure that it’s properly fenced.’

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