As Easy as Breathing: Bringing New Life Back to Your Space


Interior design in AustraliaInterior design is one of the few avenues that people use to express themselves. Sometimes, people use trinkets and clutter to decorate their homes — like the proverbial magpie to the pile of shiny things.

Gadgets and gizmos are everywhere, but they can only go so far and recent trends in interior design call for more functionality than fashion. Metallic touches, ecologically sustainable items, concentration on colour palettes — designers and homeowners have recently inclined their aspects to these aspects.

How can these trends put life into your space yet still make it feel like it’s yours?

Maximising Your Area with Functional Pieces

Small spaces are one of the emerging trends, but these are some of the most difficult spaces to decorate. There is not a lot of room for experimentation, but you can maximise even the smallest of spaces with a few quick fixes. Bright and plain white walls, for example, allow a room to appear more spacious than it is. Keeping them blank, however, can feel basic — and not the good kind.

Ecotech Glass suggests hanging unique yet sophisticated pieces on these walls could maintain the effect of making a room feel larger, while also adding some class and personality to it. Custom mirrors manufactured according to your taste and specifications, for example, provide function while also adds the touch of anything that is trending right now.

A Little Rebellion Never Hurts

The global trend with any kind of lifestyle design is minimalism. It looks clean, crisp, and fresh. When everything and everyone’s spaces look the same, however, it can get a little monotonous. In Melbourne, one of the rising trends is the use of urban street art as a means to decorate one’s home.

The addition of personalised street art adds that pop of colour, creativity, and individuality to any room. This art is also not exclusive to the thought of just spray paint as the beauty of it allows artists to experiment with mixed media. In addition, if your space does not have the luxury to an enviable view, adding street art-style murals on your walls gives it that personal touch that no view could replicate.

Decorating your home takes a considerable amount of effort. Clutter can make it feel too congested and look like every trending, minimalist living room robotic. Mixing function and personality with your space can give any room a life of its own with a feel that only you can give.

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