How to get the best out of cosmetic dentistry: teeth whitening explored


Teeth Whitening TreatmentTeeth whitening treatment is the most popular procedure in the world of cosmetic dentistry. It’s not hard to understand why – after all, who doesn’t want a beautifully dazzling smile? Because both Mother Nature and lifestyle choices don’t always leave us with amazingly bright, white teeth, increasing numbers of men and women are turning to cosmetic dentistry for help.

At Aura Dental in St John’s Wood, teeth whitening is frequently requested as a standalone treatment as well as to complement other cosmetic dentistry options such as discreet teeth straightening. Whitening is a fast-acting treatment that produces long-term results, and as long as it is provided on a dentist’s prescription it is both reliable and safe.

The need for a dentist is the most important aspect of teeth whitening. The procedure is classed as dentistry by the General Dental Council (GDC), therefore must by law only be prescribed by a dentist. Another suitably trained dental professional (a hygienist or hygiene therapist, for example) may physically carry out the procedure, but a dentist’s prescription is a must.

Part of the teeth whitening process involves a thorough dental health-check. As with any form of cosmetic dentistry, whitening should only be carried out in a healthy mouth, and only a dentist can check for signs of gum disease, enamel erosion, tooth decay or any other potential issues. They will treat these first before carrying out whitening.

Unfortunately, there are still a number of unscrupulous beauty salons offering the treatment. These must be avoided, and should also be reported to the GDC. The GDC can and will carry out prosecutions of illegal whitening providers, but it often requires someone to suffer serious and painful damage to their mouth for illegal practice to come to light.

There are several methods of professional teeth whitening available from dentists. Home whitening is carried out yourself under your dentist’s supervision, and involves the use of custom-made mouth trays and dental bleaching gel. You place a small amount of gel in the trays and wear them overnight for a fortnight.

Many dental practices also offer in-chair whitening, which is carried out by your cosmetic dentist in as little as an hour.

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