Adore Donning Protective Hairstyles? Here’s How to Maintain a Healthy Scalp


Protective hairstyles are perhaps one of the most carefree styles in the globe. After you’ve got your haircare and hairstyle training at a Salt Lake City hair school, your clients will be relying on your expertise. You will more likely encounter some who adore donning protective hairstyles and would want your expert opinion on how to take care of their hair.

To avoid dandruff and drying hair, here are the hair hacks you can advise them:

Before even trying out a protective hairstyle, have them ensure that their scalp is healthy.

You will eventually learn in hair school that having an unhealthy scalp and wearing protective hairstyles will worsen their condition. Have them see a dermatologist to deal with the issue straightaway instead of hiding it. Suggest getting wigs instead of braiding their natural hair to conceal their scalp and hair problems, while their hair is healing.

Otherwise, they can opt for crochet hairstyles instead since it would be better on their troubled scalp compared to heavier braids or common weave styles. All they need to do is to cleanse their scalp and smear on soothing scalp products as they can easily move this hair and access their scalp.

Incorporate a scalp regimen.

Ensure that they deliberately and frequently shampoo their hair only once a week. Next is to use conditioners that assist in moisturizing their hair after they shampoo it. Keep in mind that their scalp is regularly shedding cells and they have to remove environmental debris to keep their hair strong and scalp healthy.

If they sometimes use oils for their scalp, but they have to remember that using oils routinely without shampooing regularly causes build-up. Use this in moderation because this will produce yeast and worsen their scalp.

Your clients might consider donning protective hairstyles because it doesn’t require much maintenance. However, they will easily forget to take care of it, which is why you’ll have to remind them.

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