Visiting the Cosmetic Dentist in Southampton Can Be Life-Changing

set of dental veneers

Not everyone in the UK is happy with their teeth. In fact, according to UK National Smile Month in 2017, 48% are unhappy with their teeth, and of those, 64% say that the main cause of their unhappiness is the colour of their teeth.

It’s no surprise then to hear that the number one cosmetic dentistry treatment in the UK is tooth whitening. In Southampton, cosmetic dentist treatments are offered to remedy a wide range of cosmetic concerns. Practices like Smilemakers offer a simple boost to a patient’s smile.

Tooth whitening: the UK’s favourite treatment

The aim of the cosmetic dentist in Southampton is to bring out the natural beauty of a patient’s smile, making the most of their teeth. One way that this can be achieved is by using tooth whitening treatments.

Tooth whitening involves applying a bleaching gel to the patient’s teeth. There are generally two types of tooth whitening treatments. The first type is in-surgery whitening. This type of treatment takes places in the dental surgery and can lighten teeth in just an hour. This treatment is carried out in the dental practice because the whitening gel is very strong.

The second type of treatment is take-home whitening trays. This treatment involves the manufacture of moulded tooth trays that are to be used with much less concentrated whitening gel. This treatment usually takes about two weeks to achieve the shade the patient is aiming for.

Dental veneers: for a whole new smile

Dental veneers are often offered when the patient wishes to have a complete smile makeover. This is because they can solve multiple problems with a patient’s teeth.

Veneers are thin segments of porcelain that are bonded directly onto the patient’s teeth. This means that veneers can change the shape and colour of a patient’s teeth, completely transforming their smile.

In Southampton, a cosmetic dentist may also recommend veneers for a patient who also has problems with gaps in their teeth. This is because veneers can be crafted to fit the patient’s smile perfectly.

There aren’t many visual aspects of a smile that cosmetic dentistry can’t help, so why shouldn’t patients strive for perfect teeth?

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