Dental Implants in Herefordshire: Protecting Natural Teeth

a close look at the structure of dental implant

It’s strange to think that having a false tooth supported by a dental implant can actually help the rest of the teeth to stay healthy and in place. But, implants work with the body more than any other tooth replacement treatment.

At dental practices like Warrendale Dental, any number of missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants. In Herefordshire, a single custom-made crown, bridge or even a patient’s dentures can be attached to the firm anchor created by the implant.

This is why dental implants are commonly used in complete smile makeovers. They can preserve the natural shape of the jaw and gums to avoid the ‘sunken in’ appearance that some denture users can develop around their mouth and lips.

How do dental implants work?

Implants work very similarly to a natural tooth. But, instead of a root, they have a screw that integrates with the jawbone.

To attach the screw, a minor surgical procedure needs to take place. A small hole is strategically placed in the jawbone and then a titanium screw is inserted into this hole. Over the next few weeks the jawbone is allowed to go through its natural healing process, and it integrates with the titanium screw. Then, a crown, bridge or other appliance is fitted to the screw.

Because the screw integrates with the jawbone, the implant is stable, durable and can feel like a real tooth when the patient runs their tongue over it, even though it has no innate sensitivity. This is a far cry from the plates and bridges that may always feel like a foreign body inside the mouth.

The importance of acting fast when considering tooth replacement

If a patient has lost a single tooth, it’s vital for the patient to find a solution for tooth replacement as soon as possible. Having dental implants in Herefordshire would help the jawbone maintain the amount of stimulation it needs to remain the correct shape. If a tooth isn’t replaced, the bone shrinks, pulling the surrounding teeth into the space left behind.

This can cause more serious problems further down the line, like uneven tooth wear, cracking and chipping.

Dental implants are one of the best options to complete that perfect smile.

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