Why Your Decor and Furniture Matters in Your Office


Office DeskYour office décor can help you attract more clients as well as improve your employees’ performance — or not. A workers survey revealed that 86% of employees wish list includes: an ideal office location for easy access, provision of a communal meeting space in the office, and lovely office décor.

As for the clients, it goes without say that impressions matter. The flooring, furniture, wall color and furniture arrangement all add to the overall office décor.

The Floor

It should be easy to clean, yet non-slip; long-lasting, yet stylish. Vinyl flooring is resilient and forgiving to scratches making it ideal for high traffic offices. Additionally, vinyl comes in many different colors giving you a chance to choose.

For a unique stylistic statement, consider hardwood flooring. Antique wood products have become very popular and for good reason. Antique wood has it all; beauty, durability and history.

The only con with wood is that it doesn’t go well with moisture: proper finishing takes care of this. Also use cleaning agents appropriate for wood floors, Avoid vinegar and steam cleaners.


Let comfort reign supreme, this besides durability and their aesthetic value. When making this decision, consult your employees since they will be the ones sitting on those chairs and desks all day long. Also factor in space available. Co-working spaces work well with small spaces.

Wall Colors

One bad pick on the wall color and you’ll have décor disaster. The intensity of color, rather than the color itself is known to affect mood and behavior. Low saturation colors sooth while intensely saturated colors motivate, so do your homework before settling for a color.

Furniture Arrangement

Different needs dictate the furniture arrangement. However, there are some universal rules such as: keeping the entryway clear to avoid interrupting the flow of traffic and arranging the furniture away from the wall to give the office more fluidity.

When decorating your office, there is no one hard rule. Play around with creative décor ideas to see what suits your office best.

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