Efficient 2-Storey Narrow Lot Designs That You Should Try


Home RenovationOver time, land value increases. This means that getting your own home and land today may cost more than it did a decade ago. That being the case, it comes as no surprise that narrow lot designs have become more and more popular, according to Planbuild Homes. Making the most of these spaces, however, is another story.

Going Up

In the past, renovating a home means getting more floor area without changing the height of the whole house. With land value becoming pricier, though, most 2-storey narrow lot designs now call for a vertical build rather than a horizontal one. This is apart from the fact that multiple stories are able to provide more space rather than a one-storey option.

Go for Open Spaces

Generally, 2-storey narrow lot designs call for open spaces. That said, you should consider incorporating large windows and high ceilings in your design. Interior decoration should also include such elements as mirrors and white paint to make space look bigger. If you are not a fan of the white paint, consider using strong colours on your walls as well as large painting canvasses.

As opposed to clearly delineated floor plans, you should also consider having open areas that blend one room to the next. This is because highly articulated walls can occupy space that you could have, otherwise, used to make your place look cosier and not cramped. While you’re at it, you should also consider making use of the extra space around your lot. Having a covered patio makes your home look wider than it really is.

Pay Attention to Your Garage

More often than not, homeowners do not pay particular attention to how they design their garage. In truth, a strategically placed garage can make your home look wider and more elegant. In a narrow lot, you can either place your garage at the rear part of your home, or at the front part underneath the living quarters.

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