Why You Should Buy UK Bitcoins Now


BitcoinMost people are on the fence about bitcoins because of its volatility in the past. It can be scary and exciting at the same time. Caution is a good thing, especially if you buy UK bitcoins as an investment. Some experts recommend studying the technology to help them in their decision to buy, but most people are not willing, or not able, to make sense of it.

To make it easy for you, BITBROKER has listed some good reasons to buy UK coins now.

The market is bullish

Bitcoins have gone through the first three phases of the hype cycle, a term coined by IT research company Gartner to explain the phases through which new technology goes through. Bitcoins are virtual currency, which makes the analogy applicable. The market is climbing out of the ‘trough of disillusionment’ when the value fell by 85% and into the ‘the slope of enlightenment’. More people are starting to invest again, cautiously, in the technology. It is on its way to the fifth phase, which is mainstream acceptance.

However, if you wait for that point, the bitcoin value will be stable. You will not make money from it. The time to invest is now, as the value gradually rises to reasonable heights.

It is tax-free in the UK

Bitcoins are not universally accepted. Some countries ban it altogether. However, the European Court of Justice ruled that bitcoins, as well as other virtual currencies, are not subject to value-added tax. This makes it an attractive option for merchants in the UK, and buying UK bitcoins now means you are paying less for purchases you make in the future.

Buying bitcoins now in the UK is likely a good idea. You can expect the value to go up, not by a lot, but enough to make it a safe investment. You can try tracking the trend on your own if you need more convincing.

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