Turn it Up? Music and Hearing Loss


Music and Hearing LossMusic makes the world go round, as the common saying goes. Whether you are listening to your favourite tunes in your gadget or attending a music event, music is one of the greatest creations of man. Loud music, however, could be doing your ears a lot of harm.

Loud music at gigs and festivals or even through gadgets can damage your hearing. This could mean permanent ringing in your ears (tinnitus) or early hearing loss. Damage depends on how loud the music is and how long are you listening.

Still, there are ways to enjoy your favourite tunes without ruining your ears. TheHearingCareShop.com.au and other experts list some ways for you to protect your hearing:

How loud is loud

Decibels (dB) is the standard measurement of sound. Experts agree that exposure to noises above 85 dB can cause tinnitus or can totally damage your hearing.

Resting those ears

The louder your music volume, the more time you should give your ears a rest. The loss of hearing is irreversible. Taking breaks, whether it be from band rehearsals or from music listening, will definitely help avoid more serious ear problems.

Crank it down

If you’re listening at a level where you cannot comfortably talk to the person beside you, then your music is too loud and you should lower the volume. Louder is not always better. In fact, music sounds better at minimal levels that don’t do harm to your hearing. Give your ears a favour by cranking down the volume.

Consult an expert

It’s never too early to look after your hearing. Begin by consulting experts and conducting hearing loss tests to know if your ears are healthy. These people can help you recognize hearing problems and improve your quality of life. They may also recommend the use of assistive hearing devices or just simple lifestyle changes that can prevent the chances of hearing loss.

Hearing loss can affect your life in many ways. It may make you less able to understand simple conversations or in some cases, appreciate music. So go get some rest and don’t forget to crank your speakers down a bit.

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