Why Small Lot Homes Should Be Your Next “Big” Investment


Homes in QueenslandAs lot prices rise, owning a small lot has become the next best solution for bachelors, starter families, and young professionals who have always wanted to own their own property, but want to do away with the expenses that come with owning a new home. Small lot homes, despite the adjectives attached to it, don’t necessarily have to be cramped, or difficult to move in or maintain.

Seeing as how small lot homes have been trending and are becoming more in-demand lately, most small lot homes may even be called little boxes of surprises.

Ease of Design 

Small lot homes are relatively easy to design, even easier to design than larger homes, according to UrbanHomes.com.au. Due to the limited space, builders make use of space-saving concepts popularised during the tiny home movement that began in the late 2000’s to plan better interiors. Space-saving cabinets and fixtures are a common feature in most small homes. What makes small homes even more appealing is that their exterior can assume simple, or extremely complex, modern designs. Whatever interior or exterior look you’d like to come home to is doable in a small home.

In addition, cutting-edge designs for small homes are also designed with the environment in mind. Many small lot homes today are designed with solar panels, water recycling systems, power-saving fixtures, and other eco-friendly features, making them perfect for unconventional lifestyles. 

The Australian Dream

Queensland is the ideal location for a small lot home for obvious reasons: its clean environment, beautiful surroundings, and availability of lots for small houses combined make it a suitable place to live and own a property in. You can also tap experts in building small lot homes in Queensland so you can source your materials and builders locally, making home ownership a very affordable venture for you to invest in.

For young professionals, starter families, or new couples who have always wanted to live an economic, eco-friendly lifestyle, small lot homes are ideal for alternative living.

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