What’s the Deal with Invisible Braces?


invisalign aligners and a toothbrushHere in Glasgow, having a great smile is a big deal nowadays. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there to help people who have misaligned teeth. There are the traditional metal braces worn on the front of the teeth, hidden braces worn behind the teeth and the increasingly popular invisible braces worn over teeth such as Invisalign. The right brace will depend on the person and their lifestyle, however, in Glasgow, Invisalign popularity is on the increase. Braces can be worn at almost any age, they are popular with teenagers but adults of all ages can choose to wear braces. In some cases, a person may wear braces more than once in their life, in their teenage years, and later in adulthood if they experience a relapse or new movement due to late arriving wisdom teeth for example.

Invisible braces?

Yes, more and more people are enjoying the results of the clear aligner style braces known as Invisalign in Glasgow. Practices such as Park Orthodontics offer Invisalign to patients who have less complicated alignment issues and results are usually achieved in 9-18 months. Invisalign braces are a very different type of brace. They are a series of clear plastic, fully customised and tight-fitting aligners that go over the entire arch of teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth.

Why are people choosing invisible aligners over traditional braces?

Well, it has to be said, a mouthful of metal isn’t the most attractive look. However, looks aside, there are in fact plenty of other reasons why Invisalign in Glasgow is on the up. Here is a brace that can be removed. Yes, this brace is removable and should be taken out for eating, brushing and flossing. That means there are no changes to people’s eating or cleaning habits, so long as the teeth are cleaned well of course. In fact, many patients find that their overall oral health and awareness of their oral hygiene improves whilst wearing Invisalign. They are designed to fit in with patients’ lifestyles, are discreet and take around the same amount of time to achieve results as traditional braces.

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