Choice is Great – Braces in Cheltenham

Woman Wearing Clear Braces

One of the best ways for someone to feel like they have control over their dental treatment is for them to be well-informed about their options so that they can make their own choices. Fortunately, there are lots of methods to choose from when it comes to braces in Cheltenham.

Modern straightening methods mean that some strong dental brands have developed that are highly focused on improving the patient experience of straightening the teeth. They offer braces in Cheltenham to patients through clinics like Cheltenham Dental Spa.

Below are just some of the methods on offer along with information on how they affect the realignment journey.

Six Month Smiles

Fixed braces don’t have to be unsightly. This is amply proved by Six Month Smiles. They are effective at straightening the teeth that are visible when someone smiles in as little as six months. The equipment employed by this method is low-profile and coloured to be sympathetic to the appearance of the teeth.


Taking things one step further, Incognito are perhaps one of the only fixed-braces styles that could be said to be truly invisible. This is because the equipment is fixed to the backs of the teeth. Treatment with Incognito typically takes a little longer than some of the other modern methods but people generally consider this to be a good trade-off for the advantage of having braces in Cheltenham that no one will know about.


Control and discipline are two words that are commonly associated with the Invisalign method. Control because the patient retains controls over their equipment. The aligners used by Invisalign are removeable, so they can be inserted and removed at will. With this control, however, comes more responsibility for the treatment so this is where the discipline comes in. When someone chooses Invisalign, they are agreeing to adhere to the guidelines laid out by their dentist. These include parameters for how long to wear each aligner daily, when to swap each one for the next in the series and how to take good care of the equipment and teeth during treatment. If someone can balance all of this, Invisalign is likely to be a good choice for them.

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