Strong Dental Replacements

Dental implants sample

In Windsor, dental implants are very effective replacements for teeth that have been lost. They can be used regardless of how the patient lost their teeth. It could be because of years of gradual decay, or because of a sudden injury in Windsor. Dental implants are a way to regain natural dental function and ability and are customised to look natural beside the teeth that remain. Unlike with dentures and bridges, implants don’t rely on adhesives or clips to stay in place. They’re securely anchored in the mouth, and there’s no risk of them falling out while eating.

For adult patients in Windsor, dental implants are a powerful tooth-loss solution that provides long-lasting oral health benefits. They are available from modern practices such as Old Windsor Dental Practice.

Technique and application

Receiving dental implants in Windsor can take up to several months. The patient must have a sufficiently dense jawbone as well as a reasonably healthy mouth before treatment can begin. Such things will be assessed by the dentist at the initial consultation, and there may need to be some preliminary treatment before the main event.

In a minor operation, the dentist then places small metal posts into the patient’s jawbone. A short rest period follows, after which the patient returns to the dental practice for the substitute teeth to be securely affixed to the implants.

Resulting advantages

Windsor dental implants improve the patient’s oral health experience in quite a few ways:

• They’re low-hassle: they remain in the mouth, are easy to keep clean, and don’t require any cumbersome clips or adhesives;
• They restore dental function. The patient can bite into foods as they would with their natural teeth;
• They preserve facial bone structure, so the patient’s face won’t take on the sunken appearance often associated with lost teeth;
• Talking might be easier because the implants’ great stability aids pronunciation;
• Altogether, these advantages might boost the patient’s overall confidence and enjoyment of life.

Moving on

Dental implants in Windsor are beneficial for the patient’s aesthetic appeal as well as their oral health. The new teeth will last for decades as long as they’re properly cared for.

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