Eating with a mouth half full

Dental implant sample

For a person having to limit their diet to soft foods only, it must be that there is something seriously wrong with their teeth. Either that, or they really have something against solid foods. If the former is the case and a chewy food complex doesn’t exist for that person, it might be that tooth loss has affected their ability to bite and chew properly. Losing one tooth or several teeth can cause discomfort, especially when it comes to eating. Missing teeth shouldn’t have to change a person’s life forever, because dental implants in Ealing usually provide the solution to tooth loss.

Although eating is key to health and happiness, missing teeth decide what a person can and cannot eat. Tooth loss can affect the oral health of a person, especially when the gap goes unfilled and untreated for a while. By replacing their teeth, a person receiving dental implants in Ealing is saving their bone structure and avoiding the sunken cheeks that come with tooth loss. Because the implants are placed in the jaw, they stimulate the remaining bone to mesh and grow around the implant itself. Dental implants are available at dental practices in West London such as Ikon Dental Suite, where patients are welcomed into a calm and friendly environment.

Getting to know dental implants in Ealing

Depending on whether the dentist decides that this particular treatment is right for that patient, they will then explain the procedure in detail, ensuring that any concerns are addressed and any questions are answered.

Dental implants act as artificial roots. A small titanium screw is fitted into the part of the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Once the screw has integrated and fused with the jaw, it is then secure enough for a replacement tooth to be placed on top. The replacements are made to match the remaining teeth of individual patients. If a patient has lost multiple teeth, it might be that they need a bridge. This sometimes requires fewer implants, meaning the treatment is both efficient and effective.

If someone has experienced tooth loss, considering dental implants in Ealing is the first step towards a long-lasting, confident smile.

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