Using the Internet as a Tool for Learning


Imagine this: there’s a storm brewing in your city, and all classes have been called off until further notice. You and your kids are stuck in a rut, not knowing what to do except wait until the storm passes. As you sit on your armchair and sip on a cup of coffee, you watch as your children laugh at silly cat memes on different websites, and you shake your head. Sure, the cats are adorable and amusing, but isn’t there any way for your kids to be productive on the Internet?

As a concerned parent, don’t you wish that they’d be able to learn even outside of the four walls of their classrooms? Luckily, aside from cat memes and viral videos, the World Wide Web is now home to millions of learning opportunities for students. With the click of a button, you can have access to various learning materials that are sure to entertain your kids and leave you a happy parent.

For all of you literature lovers, there are websites online that can help you encourage your children to share your love for reading and writing. With sites like Goodreads, you can even encourage them to start a reading goal that can last throughout the year, all while being able to scan through reviews and plot summaries for books that seem to pique their interest.

That isn’t all the Internet has to offer though. On some websites, you can even encourage your children to publish their storybooks for free—a task that can become an excellent opportunity for growth and bonding with your kids, especially when you have the printed copy of their literary pieces. Let’s not forget the availability of electronic books online, which are virtual copies of well-loved literature just a download button away from being yours. Keep in mind that the Internet wasn’t built only for the bookworms of the world.

woman teaching a child on how to read online

To all the parents out there who are hoping for their kids to grow up to become notables in the corporate world, there are so many business games online that can teach them to be just that. Gaming websites have hundreds of business and management games available to the masses and are easy for kids to understand as well. Aside from that, a quick search on Google will be able to display hundreds of business games devoted to helping your kids learn more about handling finances and working in different levels of business. Some games might be a little complicated and might require your guidance in the beginning, but isn’t that how all businesses function in real life anyway?

For lovers of all things related to general knowledge, science, history, and the arts, different software programs act as online encyclopedias that can easily be ventured by young learners. Some even feature fun quizzes, galleries, and games. Some also have 3D interactive models of famous landmarks all over the world! This gives users the opportunity to learn more about everything and anything under the sun and will allow you, as parents, to discover the inner workings of your child’s mind—to see what interests them and what they can become once they put their minds to it.

While the pros and cons of Internet use continue to be weighed by concerned parents and guardians, it can no longer be denied that the World Wide Web is here to stay. It will eventually become a part of youngsters’ lives, and it is up to the adults to guide them so that they become responsible users. Why not start now? You have the power to mold your child’s mind, and the endless possibilities are one click away from becoming a reality.

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