Understanding Your Hair Transplantation Options – What Are They?

Man's head balding

Hair loss is a common and natural process that some people experience through the course of their life. While experts can’t exactly pinpoint why it happens, this condition can often be triggered by a number of factors – genetics, age, hormonal changes, stress, and such. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that it can happen to anyone.

To those who’re dealing with it, they may often find themselves too embarrassed to even show themselves to people. Some may even lose their self-confidence thinking that others may judge them because of how they look. Thankfully, they wouldn’t have to feel this way anymore as there are now hair restoration procedures in the Philippines that could help them grow their hair back.

Among those procedures is the hair transplantation surgery. Compared to other methods, hair transplants are proven to be the most permanent and natural-looking. This is why it’s not surprising to see why people who are battling with baldness prefer this procedure over the others. This is why to further expand your understanding about this surgery especially if you happen to consider undergoing to this, here are the different transplantation procedure that are currently available today.

Hair Grafting

First on the list is the grafting. This procedure involves removal of a small portion of the scalp’s hair-bearing tissue which will be reinserted to areas that needs to grow hair. Throughout the session, the grafts are kept and preserved careful by injecting saline solutions. This is to maintain the tissue on the graft until it is transplanted on the area that it is needed. The whole idea behind this procedure is the grafts would help stimulate the growth of hair on the balding areas of your head.

Recovery process is crucial for the success of this procedure. So it’s important that you constantly monitor your hair’s healing process. A regular visit to your hair doctor is a must to ensure that the grafts will survive in the recipient scalp.

Hair Flaps

Doctor examining a man's headThis is a hair transplant procedure which involves getting a huge portion of hair-bearing skin known as flap. The flap will then be transferred into anterior region of the scalp which is suffering from balding. Unlike with grafting, it covers larger area and is definitely faster to transplant. However, this procedure has higher chance of scarring. In addition, recovery period for this procedure takes a long time so most hair doctors no longer recommend this procedure.

Hair Tissue Expansion

Tissue expansion is the most advanced type of hair transplant procedure. This surgery is characterized by placing a balloon-like tissue expander under the scalp. It will enable your body to grow the hair-bearing tissue that will later on be reconstructed on the balding area of your scalp once the expander has been stretched enough. This session can be completed between four to six weeks to allow your scalp to rest.

Now that you have an idea about your hair transplant options, may this guide you accordingly in choosing the most suitable procedure to go through. When it comes to this matter, it’s important that you consult and discuss it with your doctor. Only your doctor can give you a proper diagnosis as well as prepare you for the procedure.

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