Personalised Spaces: Designing the Perfect Teenage Retreat

Teens jumping with sunrise background

Don’t fret if you’ve noticed that your teenager has been spending too much time hanging out in their room. This is all part of growing up because teens like having their own space where they can relax and enjoy their hobbies alone.

Recently, there’s a new trend for teenagers who want a bigger slice of independence — teenage retreats. Teenage retreats are backyard spaces for teens who want to spend time alone in a separate area of the house. It’s the perfect place for them to hang out with their friends, develop their interests and foster their sense of self-reliance. For parents, it’s a convenient way for you to ease your children into the adult world while still having them under your supervision and care.

Do you have any plans of building a teenage retreat? Here are some tips and tricks in designing one that your teenager will love.

Consider the layout

Effectively planning the layout of the retreat will save you a lot of time and money. Measurements are key as well as taking into account the sizes of the furniture that you will transfer from their room or purchase in the future. Your child’s lifestyle is also a factor that should influence the layout. For example, if they have friends sleeping over often, you can leave a wide open space beside their bed to act as a slumber area.

When planning the layout, don’t forget elements such as sunlight and natural ventilation, as these contribute to your child’s health and well-being. Natural ventilation and daylight help ensure that the space is healthy and comfortable.

Invest in quality furniture


Furniture that will last through their teenage years is a good investment because they can take these pieces with them to their future homes. Upholstered headboards, sturdy bedside tables and ergonomic seats and chairs are all key pieces that will serve them well over their teens. Since space is at a premium in a teenage retreat, a sofa bed is a great option for its versatility. It’s perfect for entertaining guests throughout the day and sleeping during the night.

It’s also good to purchase furniture that will let their personal styles shine through. For example, classic and timeless pieces like wooden dressers are appreciated by quirky teenagers who are into anything vintage. However, it’s best to consult your child with the type of furnishings that they want. You don’t want to end up buying carpets and patterned armchairs that don’t fit their preferences.

Add personal touches and greenery

Choosing the style and theme is crucial in design and decorating projects. Since it’ll be your teenager’s space, give them the reins in choosing the colour schemes, accessories and items for display. Some teenagers like bright, graphic art that will give the space instant cool credibility. A beanbag along with some decorative cushions, rugs, feature lighting and items that cater to their interests like musical instruments will add splashes of personality to the room and make them feel at home.

Additionally, you can liven up the space with greenery. Whether it’s a large vase full of flowers or a big pot with some bamboo, they’ll increase the overall appeal and draw attention for their size and colours. It’ll also be good for health since plants and flowers improve the air quality of a space.

Teenagers like having a space they can call their own. Armed with design ideas, you and your child will be able to create the perfect space for them to enjoy their alone time and have a taste of independent living.

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