Unique Farewell Celebration Ideas for Your Best Friend


GoodbyeGoodbyes aren’t forever and they don’t have to be dramatic or too simplified. Take a few days off of work if you can or just seize the weekend for one last trip together until the next time you see them.

Here are a few activities that are perfect for your farewell celebration: 

Have a Roast – Remember those classic Dean Martin roasts where everyone was uninhibited and had only the power of humour and laughter driving them? In those shows, people could poke fun at problems and laugh at them in the face. Your friend is going to a brave new world and you’re not coming with them. Instead of the usual tears and solemn goodbyes, just have fun. Set up a night with just the closest friends and family, talk about the past and the future, and laugh it off.

Celebrity Meet-Up – For some friendships, nothing is too embarrassing or costly if it'll make the farewells more memorable. Options to meeting your friend's idol can vary from going to a meet and greet at a local comic convention, a concert, or even a movie premiere. Or if they idolise local stars, send a letter to their agent or company requesting for a video greeting and autograph and, with some luck you can give your friend a rare moment of happiness and fulfilment.

Gift Giving – Long journeys and new neighbourhoods can get pretty lonely for friends who are moving away. Make a solid investment and give them gifts that are distinctive and practical. Jewellery can be a powerful reminder of the strong bonds of friendship. Travel bags and seasonal clothes are highly appreciated. Meanwhile, tablets, cellular phones and other gadgets from your local online electronic store are useful not just for entertainment purposes but for other communication needs.

Even the closest of friends may sometimes have to part ways. Whether the reason is, your friendship needs to be celebrated before the goodbyes. Mae the parting a little less painful and a lot more memorable by focusing on the good stuff. Remember that even if times and addresses change, friendships shouldn’t.

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