How to Cure Leg Ulcer


Leg UlcerBasically, an ulcer is an open sore in the inner or outer part of the skin brought about by a fissure or an opening on the skin. Such thing happens with a leg ulcer, air and bacteria penetrate the innermost tissue when the skin is broken.

How it Happens

A leg ulcer occurs in the interior part of the leg usually above the ankle. A minor cut or bruise can cause this but when you are inflicted with a venous disease, the healing process takes longer, the affected area in the leg spreads and gets bigger and leads to an ulcer.

Ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and diseases in the arteries can result in leg ulcers but a large percentage is caused by venous disease. Normally, the valves within the vein help push blood upwards back to the heart. But if the veins are damaged, the normal circulation of the blood becomes flawed and this will create immense pressure in the veins when standing up. This situation will cause inflammation in the skin and over time will eventually lead to leg ulcers.

Ways to Treat Leg Ulcers

The primary goal in treating this ailment is to regulate the immense pressure within the veins aside from curing the leg ulcer per se. With proper treatment recommended by a doctor and a health professional, recovery will take three to four months.

It is compulsory for patients with ulcer to use compression bandage or stockings on the affected leg. It helps boost the normal circulation of the blood and cure the inflammation. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, there are various layers of bandages used over the leg to achieve the required pressure to control the swelling of the veins.

Medical compression stockings are subsequently used to avoid recurrence once the leg ulcer is healed. Cleaning and regular changing of the dressing of the affected leg is also important in the healing of the ulcer.

Elevation of the legs most of the time is also necessary because it decreases the pressure on the veins. It is best that you elevate it as high as you can or above the heart to attain normal pressure.

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