Three Common Spa Issues And How To Avoid Them

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A home spa is a refreshing way to relax in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Nevertheless, problems with your spa can still pop up regardless of the quality of your facility.

It would be a good idea to call in some help with spa repairs in Salt Lake City if these situations pop up:

1. The Hot Tub is Not Heating

Overworking the spa’s heating element can cause internal breakdowns. Malfunctions with the pumping system can also cause the spa not to heat up. If you’re the type to use your spa frequently, consider investing in regular maintenance services to enhance both the performance and longevity of your facility.

2. The Jets Are Dysfunctional

Cases where the spa is working but the jets are not are also common. In most cases, a gentle twist of the jet’s face to allow proper water flow is all you need to do. Airlock issues can also cause dysfunctional jets. Allowing air to escape from the pipes before re-tightening the spa fittings for a refill can easily prevent this issue.

3. An Error Code is Showing

Modern tubs come with control panels that inform users of any malfunctions. The error code could read anything from FLO, OH, Dry, or SnA – just to mention a few. Checking the spa manual would help you understand what went wrong and possibly what can be done to fix it.

From the basic tub to the high-end models, a home spa is ideal for alleviating the stresses of daily life. To ensure that you can enjoy your spa longer, have your facility regularly serviced and inspected. A tiny bit of maintenance work now and again is a much better alternative than buying a whole new spa.

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