Preparing a Home for Elderly Parents

Elderly couple in a bathroom

Welcoming your elderly parents into your home means more than just giving them a room. To guarantee their comfort, you’ll also have to make a few changes which will make it easier for them to navigate the house.

Set Up the Bathroom for Easy Access

Install walk-in tubs for the elderly and put in some handlebars beside the toilet to make it easier for your parents to move around. Heavenly Walk In Tubs says that the bath and toilet will be the hardest challenge for seniors, especially since most prefer to do these in private. You should remove rugs on the floor and replace them with anti-slip floor mats. Handlebars in different locations would also be perfect.

De-clutter Your Home

Remove anything that might cause difficulty of movement. If you’ve got lots of breakables around the house, it might be best to keep them in a spot that’s a little farther from reach.

Choose a Room that’s Close to Everything

Make sure your parent’s room is close to the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room so that they don’t have to walk far to get anywhere. It’s also best if their room is somewhere on the first floor since navigating the stairs would be difficult. If their room has to be upstairs, however, install an electric chair that helps them move up and down the house.

Try Getting a Pet

You can also try getting a pet for your parents – in case you don’t have one already. Opt for a rescue dog that’s already house trained because a puppy might be too much work for them. Studies have shown that pets can help seniors feel better and provide a holistic treatment. Spending time with family is something every older adult dreams about once they reach retirement age. Make them feel welcome and rearrange the house so that your parents can feel independent when doing the most basic activities.

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